Google Algorithm Update June 2018: Google Gives More Attention To Video Content

Google Search has rolled out a new update this June in its algorithm and it appears to favour video contents.

Google Algorithm Update June 2018

The Search Giant has come to the understanding that visual is the interest of most users of late and they have adjusted in their latest update to improve the result of the search queries from user giving more priority to video contents.

Like the Top Stories carousel, Google Search Update June 2018 has rolled out the Video carousel and it appears at the top of search results displaying top video content related to the searched keyword.

How Do You Improve Your Search Traffic With This Update?

Good question! You should have a good and comprehensive schema structured data that tells Google the kind of content you have. Mind you, only post contents that passed the structured data test will appear in search result.

So if your content has a video in it, make sure it’s readable by Google robot.

Test Your Post Url for Structured Data HERE

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